Our Team

A Diverse Group of Talented Professionals

Our Team

A Diverse Group of Talented Professionals

We invite you to meet one of our Wealth Advisors who have helped many individuals and business owners navigate the current investment markets. They have successfully grown, maintained and transferred wealth for many affluent Canadians.

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Our Advisors are committed to providing a superior level of services for their clients.

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Our team provides you with support and resources to help build your business.

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Team of Specialists

Our experts offers services to guide you towards a long and worry-free retirement.

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Building Relationships for Life

When considering a decision of such importance ones due diligence is paramount. Begin your research into what ScotiaMcLeod can offer to you and your clients.

Why Should I Switch Firms? – It’s a question and an assumption many advisors from other firms have asked me over the years. Switching firms is a major decision and the proper due diligence should be completed prior to making a move.

As an example, we have seen Chairman’s level Advisors with large client bases bring 92% of their assets over in a month. Transition time is largely dependant upon the rate of speed that your team makes contact with clients and the size of your business.

We are confident that within 2 months you will transition all of the clients that want to do business with you. No matter what the size of your business.

During the initial transition process, you will have a team dedicated to you (5-15 people depending on the size of your business) that will complete all the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth transition for your clients and business. This allows the advisor to easily focus on contacting their clients and transitioning their team into the new work environment.

The Rosedale management team has experience with transitioning businesses. Some Advisors appreciate having a management team that will go out and help sign-up clients. The management team is in the office throughout the entire transition to lend a hand wherever needed.

Head-Office supports transitions by having separate groups of people who help process the paper work so it is not caught up in normal day to day business. This ensures accounts are opened swiftly and transfer forms expedited.

All efforts from the Rosedale Branch, Toronto Region and Head-Office are focused on making the transition as seamless as possible for your clients and your team.

  • Improved working environment for their advisor team.
  • Clear vision and stability in senior management team at ScotiaMcLeod & Scotiabank.
  • Complete product offering.
  • Portfolio Advisory Group operates as a cost centre not a profit centre which allows your clients to receive a pricing benefit.
  • Accessible Team of Specialists who support a wealth offering.
  • Top rated research.
  • More access to new issues.
  • Access to futures.
  • Most international canadian bank.
  • Partnerships – Four Seasons / Tiffany’s / Cineplex / Garmon.

All the support we supply is focused on ensuring that your clients have minimal interruption to the services you provide.

During every transition there will be a team leader assigned who will spearhead the transition. They will stay on for an extended period after the initial transition phase to assist with training support and any outstanding items that may arise.

There will also be desk side one on one training for your team members for various aspects of their roles.

There are a number of ways that we support advisors. You know your business best. At the branch level we take an active role in removing obstacles that may hinder the activities you want to focus on. Based on your feedback we work in collaboration with your team to improve your business processes. We have an accessible marketing consultant who can share current “what’s been working” from advisors across the country.

The biggest difference is culture. Our firm has never merged with any other firm. The entrepreneurial spirit that founded and formed this firm is still vibrantly alive today.

ScotiaMcLeod is part of Scotiabank’s Wealth Management Group which incorporates key personal investment and advisory activities, offering clients a comprehensive range of products and services. ScotiaMcLeod is committed to be the investment firm of choice for select Canadian investors and top producing Advisor Teams.

Industry leading growth bonus program that financially supports the growth of your business.

A supportive team provides you with the resources to promote financial solutions and expand your business profile. With the ability to work one on one to create custom marketing pieces and share “What’s Working” from across the country.

ScotiaMcLeod has developed a firm paid referral program which recognizes COI’s and clients for referring new clients. We have partnered with Tiffany’s to supply an assortment of gift options.

Advanced business coaching and development. Lead by a former Chairman’s Council. They focus on optimizing the productivity of your team, designing a client experience model, best practices for networking and marketing.

Sales focused, consultative approach by management. Impressive record of best practice sharing.

Conference For Advisors designed By Advisors (FABA) which is supported by ScotiaMcLeod management. Advisor sharing best practices to other advisors.

You remain at the centre of the client relationship while in-house specialists allow you to save time and effort, especially when you have clients with complex needs.

Outstanding tools to regularly measure and monitor your business.

A prestigious offering with a complimentary range of select services that places your clients’ needs front and centre.

One of the most comprehensive selection of fee based products. Commitment to provide exceptional delivery of fee based products, advice, service and solutions.

Comprehensive financial and estate planning support. Locally and via a centralized unit.

New annual bonus based on productivity and firm profitability.

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Charitable giving is a growing priority for many Canadians. We not only see this in recent statistics, but also when we look around our own community.

For many, generosity and belief in community are primary motivators. However, when we further examine the issues of charity and philanthropy, more universal principles appear to explain our call to action; that is, what to do with our wealth and what responsibilities come with wealth, both financial and intellectual. Empowered with the means to affect change, we believe it is our duty to support the community in which we live.

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